Healing Therapy

Body Harmony Healing

Healing Therapy

We offer many types of Healing Services in the fields of Medical Massage Therapy, Body/Mind Connection Therapy and Deep Mind Hypnotherapy. We also provide Counseling for Recovery of Addiction, Life Path Orientation and for Business Partners and Couples. 

We help our clients, on a physical level, by reducing body discomfort/pain, enhancing relaxation and sleep quality, and increasing circulation; therefore raising energy levels in the body and encouraging detox (letting go of what's no longer needed). We promote and encourage a healthy diet and lifestyle.

On an energetic level, we assist in increasing energy flow, breaking up blocked areas to allow movement and balancing energy chakras for greater connection to higher self.

Mentally, we assist in increasing mind/body connection, identifying and orienting on personal goals, desires, motivations, and passions. We specialize in investigating fears, old habits, unseen patterns and past traumas; helping individuals and couples heal wounds and create new habits. 

We strive to provide our clients with better understanding of how they work, and why, to determine how they can work together, to reach higher levels of communication, energy flow, self love and ultimately, Success!

At Body Harmony, we truly understand that each individual is a unique and beautiful story; our goal is to provide our clients with the space and opportunity to let go of the past and grow,  so they are free to continue along their intended path. 

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Some more examples of work we do with our clients:

Help to raise your vibration and clear your energy field: relieving you of heaviness, inspiring new hope and creating a space for the body and mind to heal faster.

Balance your body systems: to relax and unwind trapped fluids, muscle groups and energy centers that may cause pain, swelling, chronic illness or even disease.

Cut energetic ties from past experiences and people: old energy ties may be part of what's holding you back or causing negative re-occurring patterns.

Teach you ways to self-heal: communicate with your body to better understand messages sent by pain/discomfort. Believe it or not, You are the one who can tell You how to get out of your own way and move forward in this life. We help to find the right questions.

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Note about our massage/body services: We make use of our very  own, house-made healing creams for massage; containing high quality ingredients like Magnesium Oil, Shea & Mango Butter, Hemp and CBD(optional addition) designed specifically to heal skin, relax muscles and rejuvenate your body.

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